Vehicles and Apparatus

The Brunswick Hills Township Fire and Rescue Agency maintains a fleet of vehicles which respond to emergency situations, and supports the day to day operations of the department.

Engines 21-1 and 21-2

2015 Sutphen Rescue Pumpers

1500 gpm pumps, rescue tools, on board generators

Squad 27

2007 Road Rescue Ambulance


Squad 27-1

2020 Life Line Ambulance


Squad 27-2

2017 Braun Ambulance


Tanker 22

1994 Semo Tanker


2,600 Gallons of Water, 1,250 Gallon per minute pump

Utility Truck 24

2020 Ford F250 Pickup

This vehicle is also utilized as our plow truck during the winter to maintain fire station driveways and parking lots.

Car 29

2014 Ford Interceptor SUV

This vehicle is used by department staff as a command vehicle, fire inspector vehicle, and to travel to trainings.

Car 25

2015 Ford Interceptor SUV

This vehicle is used by administrative staff to conduct daily operations, respond to emergencies while both on and off duty, as an incident command post, and to travel to and from meetings and trainings.

The Board of Trustees Business Meeting

We meet every second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Tuesday of the month at the Town Hall, 7:00pm, 1918 Pearl Rd.
We invite the public to attend.