Commonly Asked Questions

Q. When should you call 911?

A. When there is an emergency, lives are in danger, serious injury has occurred, there is a crime in progress or any other situation requiring immediate attention.

Q. Do I have to identify myself when I dial 911 or call in a crime?

A. No. You do not have to identify yourself if you do not wish.

Q. How do I apply for a Concealed Carry Permit?

A. The concealed carry permits are managed by each county sheriff's office throughout the state of Ohio. To find out further contact The Medina County Sheriff's Office at 330-764-3629.

Q. How do I acquire a copy of an accident report?

A. In the near future reports will be able to be acquired by clicking on a link on this website. Until the program is finalized simply contact The Brunswick Hills Police Department and request the report.

Q. What are snow bans and when are they in effect?

A. Snow bans are placed in effect when snow exceeds 2 inches anywhere on the ground. If snow exceeds 2 inches vehicles MUST be parked in driveways so that roads can be salted and plowed accordingly.

Q. Where can parking citation fines be paid and how much are the fines?

A. If you receive a parking citation the fine may be paid at The Brunswick Hills Police Department Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Parking citations are typically $10.00 fines.

Q. Where do I pay traffic citations and how much are the fines?

A. The Brunswick Hills Police Department issues citations through 3 different municpal courts. The Medina Municipal Court, The Medina County Juvenile Court and The Berea Municipal Court. The citation that was issued to you will have the appropriate court checked at the bottom of the document. The fine assessed will vary according to the violation.

Q. I've lost my pet. Does the police department assist residents with lost pets?

A. The Brunswick Hills Police Department does assist when pets are lost. Contact the police departments non-emergency number and an Officer will be dispatched to your residence. Complainants may also want to contact the SPCA, dog warden or local dog pounds to see if their pet has been turned into one of those agencies.